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Posted by MegamanMegafan - May 2nd, 2010

Well, I don't exactly have the best recording equipment nor any kind of mixing software, but I gave it a good shot. I'll let others be the judge if I got any talent or not as a voice actor. I have been taking a regular acting class at my college, but this here is just voice.
It is also my first submission to the audio portal. I can do some other voices, but I figured I would wait and see where this thing put me first.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /329903

Posted by MegamanMegafan - April 11th, 2010

I must of missed some rule somewhere because my thread got locked. I will put this up here instead...

First, let me say that I'm not really begging anyone to do this for me. And I don't want to come off as a jerk. Its not my intention.
I would like to find an artist with some decent art skills, specifically, character art.

Before I start asking things of people, perhaps it would be best to explain the situation.

A while back I was working with a friend who was an artist. He was kind enough to draw some character designs from a story of mine. I was trying to get a project going that never really got going. I was thinking he and I could put together a flash to garner some supporters. That was the intention initially anyway. But after a while he stopped drawing the characters. Why? Because this friend of mine had a life to resume. Its not that he was mad at me or something, its because he was getting less and less free time in his life. Matter of fact, I don't exactly have a lot of free time in my life either, which is sort of why I haven't made this post already. I am still a busy person, but I am able to find an hour or two in a day in which I can spare some time.

Still with me? I hope so.

I am a college student planning for a life as a writer/storyteller. I have written short stories, poems, and I am in the process of trying to make a novel. This story, which I started developing three years ago this week, is where these characters come from. Back when the plan was to make a flash, I was actually able to get some voice actors to agree to help me. Voice actors on Newgrounds such as Kirbopher, Rina-chan, Sonicmega and Tomamoto already had lines recorded for me. I still have those audio files saved on my computer. But when my animator left me there was no use for them anymore. I still have them, just no use for them.

So... cutting to the chase.

What I am asking:
I would like a decent artist to maybe pick up where my friend left off. I'm not asking someone to make a flash, I'm just asking someone to finish the character designs. You could either mimic the style already there or you could redraw the current character sketches in your own style and do the ones that my friend didn't do, your choice.
For those of you who are still interested, I have to be able to trust you. If I was light-hearted about this, my post would be a lot shorter. I have to be able to trust you because along with the details of a character's appearacne I give some backstory for that character. This is to help give a better image of how the character is and hopefully make the drawing process a little easier.

I imagine by now some people are thinking to themselves "Why bother?"
Well, its because I want to have something to show for it. I can explain that better to the people who are interested.

IF ANYONE is still interested, leave a post or PM me.
But if nobody is up for this challege, fine. I'll simply move on with my life. I will continue to shape this story of mine with or without illustrations. I just thought it would be nice have character images to show for this.

If anyone needs clarification on something, or if I neglected to state something, let me know and I will hopefully correct myself. Keep in mind that there are some details I haven't included due to privacy issues and that more information can be given if a PM is sent.

Up for the challenge?

Posted by MegamanMegafan - February 25th, 2010

Life is crazy. Don't have really much to say since no one really reads a nobody's blog.
I've put the Atomic Mayhem writing on hold, for a few reasons too.
I have another story I am working on.
I want to take a new perspective on narrative for Atomic Mayhem (Also going to change the title)
I have very little free time due to constant college work.
I have some bad habits I need to change.
Thats the main reasons.

Also, from what people have told me, the story I have would work better as a graphic novel than a regular novel. Think of how great the story Watchmen is in graphic novel form.

I still would like to do a little promotional work for my stories, but sinch Shadowii2 isn't quite as active anymore, I'm out of luck. So, if ANYone out there is a good animator and sounds interested (Which I doubt) give me a holler.

Going to a wedding next weekend. Going to be in LA from March 4th through March 8th.

Posted by MegamanMegafan - September 30th, 2009

Well, its not like anyone reads this, but I decided to do it anyway. Probably to get rid of the huge block of text currently on my page.
I last did this in december, so its been a while.

The flash me and shadowii2 were planning to do isn't going to happen. I had a feeling. I noticed he doesn't have any free time anymore so it seemed like he would never get it done. But that's ok. The purpose of that flash was to get people intersted in the story that I have. Offering inside information on the characters personality and their history. I was hoping to get some moral support from others so that I would end up having a better self-esteem and more motivation for writing the novel, which is what I am doing. I've never written a novel before and so anyone can tell you that if they have ever tried it that it is not easy.

To all the voice actors that recorded the lines for the flash, I appologize. Kirbopher, rina-chan, Tomamoto, Sonicmega, Psyguy, biggiek7888... Sorry, it looks like I wont be able to get to use your voices. You have been so nice to lend me your voice on a project that didn't follow through. But without an animator to make the images, I can't use the recordings.

As for college...
I had a falling out with my set goal. It looks like my major is going to be english and not software programming. Since no one is really going to read this, I wont go into detail.

If someone does happen to read this... Leave a comment I suppose.
I'm off to work on chapter 16.

Posted by MegamanMegafan - December 23rd, 2008

Well, it has freaking been forever since I made a news post. The last news post I made was technically my first post. I just haven't been feeling like posting anything. Haven't been really in the mood to type everything out.

Atomic Mayhem Novel:
Those in my life who know about my idea have been saying I should it as a novel. Well, with enough people saying it, I decided I would do just that. I would write the Atomic Mayhem trilogy as a book series. Atomic Mayhem 1, 2, and 3. A trilogy of books. But I have to get the first one done before I can do 2 and 3 of course.
This doesn't mean I no longer wish to do Atomic Mayhem as a video game series. I still really wanna do that, but turning this story which I have put so much effort into has greater chance for success if I make it as a novel first. Plus if it is a novel and gets published, everyone has a better chance of getting their hands on it. And then you can look forward to the game.
So making as a novel first really is the best thing for me to do.

Update on Atomic Mayhem flash:
Don't know if this is still going to happen. As much as I would like to do it, I look at it now and realize that I would probably be better off NOT doing a flash about it. With exception of maybe some praise, I can't seem to find myself bettering the success of my idea in the fields I apply it to.
That doesn't mean 100% for sure it wont happen. Situation could always turn around. We'll know in the months to come.

How Atomic Mayhem game is looking:
I have been trying to improve the story of the game, but it is looking really solid at this point. Some minor changes are still being applied or taken out. Its small stuff, but things are looking good for this.
However, I am always thinking of ways to make the Atomic Mayhem games more fun to play. Thinking on ways in which you play, how you progress, training, controls, items, styles, modes, etc. All that stuff you have to think about if you wanna make a really great game. What I really need to do is put more time into thinking on the various war machines you fight.
In case you do not know (and you probably don't) the War Machines are the common enemy you fight in the game. Most action-adventure games have common enemies in them. Well the common enemies in Atomic Mayhem are the War Machines. They are exactly what they sound like, war machines. Mechanical beings equiped for combat.
You, the player, would be fighting against War Machines that belong the N.A.B. which is organization you are trying to take down in the first and second games. You are fighting War Machines of a different kind in the third game.
But still, things look like they will be fun to experience, and I am sure anyone who likes action advendure games will be sure to like this.

Something Else... Programming:
Since the time I made my last post, I have taken an interest in programming. Even if for some crazy reason I do not get Atomic Mayhem out there, I can always become a programmer. I may even end up doing both things. Producing Atomic Mayhem and being a video game programmer. No one said I couldn't do both. Anyway, I only just completed my first course. CIS 10 Introduction to computer programming, with C++. So I am still just a beginner programmer, but over time I am sure I will develop some skills and become good at it.

So for right now, I am sure Atomic Mayhem will find success somewhere, and that I will be able to get more and more people interested in it. For those of you reading this, I hope you will pick up my work of fiction in novel form whenever it may get done and put on the shelves... Whatever, you know what I mean.

Posted by MegamanMegafan - May 17th, 2008

Well, the teaser to Atomic Mayhem is now out. The Flash was really just meant to get people interested in the Flash to come as well as the video game to come even later than that.

While the flash is expected to come out around the end of summer/beginning of Fall, the first video game wont even be in production for a few years. That is to say if I can even get a Game Publisher interested in it then. I would hope that Game Publisher ends up being Capcom since they are by far my most favorite company in the Video Game Industry.

I would like to give a big thanks to Shadowii2 who agreed a couple months back to animate the flash for me since I do not know how to animate. I really wish I could, but animation is a skill that I just can't seem to obtain. Another thanks goes to Hoodhustla who did voicing for the narration.

There is so much to Atomic Mayhem that you do not know. Even Shadowii2 doesn't even know 1/4th of the story to it and I am still giving him more and more information. Luckily it won't take 1/4th of the story for him to animate the Flash.

I welcome questions for those who have them and I would ask that those who like the flash or the idea of Atomic Mayhem to spread the word to those you know who like Sci-Fi video games and the like.

If you really, really want to know more about it that badly, I do have a youtube account with the same flash video here as well as a video from a class of mine where part of Atomic Mayhem is acted out.

I wrote a play scene for a college class of mine and the play scene was basically a play version of Atomic Mayhem, with "Thermo Flow" as the Play's title. If you watch that video you may get more of an insight on some of the characters in Atomic Mayhem. However, the play does differ quite a bit on the story so not everything is the same in Atomic Mayhem, which is why it has a different title. But a lot of the story remains similar.

EDIT: The play probably won't be finished. I came upon a problem that I just can't seem to fix. Maybe in the future I will look back at it and see if I can somehow finish it.

I will tell you right now the names of the two people who appear in the flash.

The first person who we see the most in the flash has the name "RA" for Egypt's god of the sun. He is the main Character in Atomic Mayhem. He is the only tester who lived when the weapons were created.
The second character who appears at the very end is the one name I will not give, rather he goes by the title of "Chronicler" in Atomic Mayhem. He is called "Chronicler" he has a record of event that has ever happend that relates to the weapons created in the Atomic Mayhem Project.

Just about every major character Atomic Mayhem is special and unique. There is no way I could possibly tell you about them all in just one sitting. When the real flash comes around, some light will be shed on the characters and the weapons in Atomic Mayhem. It may also shed light on the properties, conditions, abilities, forms, and alterations that come with the weapons.

So by now I have either bored you or peaked your curiousity in Atomic Mayhem. Maybe if you are luckly there will be another sort of teaser that takes a look into the setting of Atomc Mayhem and how things are in the year 2045.