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The beginning of Atomic Mayhem...

Posted by MegamanMegafan - May 17th, 2008

Well, the teaser to Atomic Mayhem is now out. The Flash was really just meant to get people interested in the Flash to come as well as the video game to come even later than that.

While the flash is expected to come out around the end of summer/beginning of Fall, the first video game wont even be in production for a few years. That is to say if I can even get a Game Publisher interested in it then. I would hope that Game Publisher ends up being Capcom since they are by far my most favorite company in the Video Game Industry.

I would like to give a big thanks to Shadowii2 who agreed a couple months back to animate the flash for me since I do not know how to animate. I really wish I could, but animation is a skill that I just can't seem to obtain. Another thanks goes to Hoodhustla who did voicing for the narration.

There is so much to Atomic Mayhem that you do not know. Even Shadowii2 doesn't even know 1/4th of the story to it and I am still giving him more and more information. Luckily it won't take 1/4th of the story for him to animate the Flash.

I welcome questions for those who have them and I would ask that those who like the flash or the idea of Atomic Mayhem to spread the word to those you know who like Sci-Fi video games and the like.

If you really, really want to know more about it that badly, I do have a youtube account with the same flash video here as well as a video from a class of mine where part of Atomic Mayhem is acted out.

I wrote a play scene for a college class of mine and the play scene was basically a play version of Atomic Mayhem, with "Thermo Flow" as the Play's title. If you watch that video you may get more of an insight on some of the characters in Atomic Mayhem. However, the play does differ quite a bit on the story so not everything is the same in Atomic Mayhem, which is why it has a different title. But a lot of the story remains similar.

EDIT: The play probably won't be finished. I came upon a problem that I just can't seem to fix. Maybe in the future I will look back at it and see if I can somehow finish it.

I will tell you right now the names of the two people who appear in the flash.

The first person who we see the most in the flash has the name "RA" for Egypt's god of the sun. He is the main Character in Atomic Mayhem. He is the only tester who lived when the weapons were created.
The second character who appears at the very end is the one name I will not give, rather he goes by the title of "Chronicler" in Atomic Mayhem. He is called "Chronicler" he has a record of event that has ever happend that relates to the weapons created in the Atomic Mayhem Project.

Just about every major character Atomic Mayhem is special and unique. There is no way I could possibly tell you about them all in just one sitting. When the real flash comes around, some light will be shed on the characters and the weapons in Atomic Mayhem. It may also shed light on the properties, conditions, abilities, forms, and alterations that come with the weapons.

So by now I have either bored you or peaked your curiousity in Atomic Mayhem. Maybe if you are luckly there will be another sort of teaser that takes a look into the setting of Atomc Mayhem and how things are in the year 2045.

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Hmm. Sounds cool! Check out my new flash game... It's only a preview but it's awesome. Go to my page to check it out and leave a comment!

Sorry, but I really don't just check something out because someone said so. If you were to have asked a question or made some kind of comment on Atomic Mayhem itself, such as "I liked how you gave the main character the name RA" or something, then maybe I would check out your flash. But by just saying "sounds cool, now check out my stuff" it sounds like spamming >.>


YAY for what?

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