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Entry #6

First shot at voice reel

2010-05-02 21:36:06 by MegamanMegafan

Well, I don't exactly have the best recording equipment nor any kind of mixing software, but I gave it a good shot. I'll let others be the judge if I got any talent or not as a voice actor. I have been taking a regular acting class at my college, but this here is just voice.
It is also my first submission to the audio portal. I can do some other voices, but I figured I would wait and see where this thing put me first. /329903


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2010-05-03 00:40:41

Your voice can be a great help for me. How much would you charge for your services?

MegamanMegafan responds:

W-Wait a second... You aren't seriously asking for me to do a voice for you, are you?
This isn't some kind of prank right?


2010-05-03 20:25:52

You seemed surprised, is their a problem with you helping me?

MegamanMegafan responds:

No, I just wasn't expecting it. If you really wan't my help, sure I can help.


2010-05-04 01:34:15

I can assure you that it won't be like Elfin Lied. I'll be lighter on that.

MegamanMegafan responds:

Yeah, this is pretty violent.


2010-05-05 02:28:47

I reviewed your voice reel for you.

MegamanMegafan responds:

I saw that


2010-05-27 22:00:54

Happy UOTD!

MegamanMegafan responds:

What does UOTD even mean?


2010-05-30 05:38:51

UOTD means "User of the day".

(Updated ) MegamanMegafan responds:

Wait... Did I get user of the day or something?
And if so, what does it mean?


2010-06-01 00:45:22

It means you're user of the day. Thats it. I dunno what you got UTOD for anyways, but you can never get it again.

MegamanMegafan responds:

awww. O well.