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My story... My novel...

Posted by MegamanMegafan - December 23rd, 2008

Well, it has freaking been forever since I made a news post. The last news post I made was technically my first post. I just haven't been feeling like posting anything. Haven't been really in the mood to type everything out.

Atomic Mayhem Novel:
Those in my life who know about my idea have been saying I should it as a novel. Well, with enough people saying it, I decided I would do just that. I would write the Atomic Mayhem trilogy as a book series. Atomic Mayhem 1, 2, and 3. A trilogy of books. But I have to get the first one done before I can do 2 and 3 of course.
This doesn't mean I no longer wish to do Atomic Mayhem as a video game series. I still really wanna do that, but turning this story which I have put so much effort into has greater chance for success if I make it as a novel first. Plus if it is a novel and gets published, everyone has a better chance of getting their hands on it. And then you can look forward to the game.
So making as a novel first really is the best thing for me to do.

Update on Atomic Mayhem flash:
Don't know if this is still going to happen. As much as I would like to do it, I look at it now and realize that I would probably be better off NOT doing a flash about it. With exception of maybe some praise, I can't seem to find myself bettering the success of my idea in the fields I apply it to.
That doesn't mean 100% for sure it wont happen. Situation could always turn around. We'll know in the months to come.

How Atomic Mayhem game is looking:
I have been trying to improve the story of the game, but it is looking really solid at this point. Some minor changes are still being applied or taken out. Its small stuff, but things are looking good for this.
However, I am always thinking of ways to make the Atomic Mayhem games more fun to play. Thinking on ways in which you play, how you progress, training, controls, items, styles, modes, etc. All that stuff you have to think about if you wanna make a really great game. What I really need to do is put more time into thinking on the various war machines you fight.
In case you do not know (and you probably don't) the War Machines are the common enemy you fight in the game. Most action-adventure games have common enemies in them. Well the common enemies in Atomic Mayhem are the War Machines. They are exactly what they sound like, war machines. Mechanical beings equiped for combat.
You, the player, would be fighting against War Machines that belong the N.A.B. which is organization you are trying to take down in the first and second games. You are fighting War Machines of a different kind in the third game.
But still, things look like they will be fun to experience, and I am sure anyone who likes action advendure games will be sure to like this.

Something Else... Programming:
Since the time I made my last post, I have taken an interest in programming. Even if for some crazy reason I do not get Atomic Mayhem out there, I can always become a programmer. I may even end up doing both things. Producing Atomic Mayhem and being a video game programmer. No one said I couldn't do both. Anyway, I only just completed my first course. CIS 10 Introduction to computer programming, with C++. So I am still just a beginner programmer, but over time I am sure I will develop some skills and become good at it.

So for right now, I am sure Atomic Mayhem will find success somewhere, and that I will be able to get more and more people interested in it. For those of you reading this, I hope you will pick up my work of fiction in novel form whenever it may get done and put on the shelves... Whatever, you know what I mean.