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Looking for replacement artist

Posted by MegamanMegafan - April 11th, 2010

I must of missed some rule somewhere because my thread got locked. I will put this up here instead...

First, let me say that I'm not really begging anyone to do this for me. And I don't want to come off as a jerk. Its not my intention.
I would like to find an artist with some decent art skills, specifically, character art.

Before I start asking things of people, perhaps it would be best to explain the situation.

A while back I was working with a friend who was an artist. He was kind enough to draw some character designs from a story of mine. I was trying to get a project going that never really got going. I was thinking he and I could put together a flash to garner some supporters. That was the intention initially anyway. But after a while he stopped drawing the characters. Why? Because this friend of mine had a life to resume. Its not that he was mad at me or something, its because he was getting less and less free time in his life. Matter of fact, I don't exactly have a lot of free time in my life either, which is sort of why I haven't made this post already. I am still a busy person, but I am able to find an hour or two in a day in which I can spare some time.

Still with me? I hope so.

I am a college student planning for a life as a writer/storyteller. I have written short stories, poems, and I am in the process of trying to make a novel. This story, which I started developing three years ago this week, is where these characters come from. Back when the plan was to make a flash, I was actually able to get some voice actors to agree to help me. Voice actors on Newgrounds such as Kirbopher, Rina-chan, Sonicmega and Tomamoto already had lines recorded for me. I still have those audio files saved on my computer. But when my animator left me there was no use for them anymore. I still have them, just no use for them.

So... cutting to the chase.

What I am asking:
I would like a decent artist to maybe pick up where my friend left off. I'm not asking someone to make a flash, I'm just asking someone to finish the character designs. You could either mimic the style already there or you could redraw the current character sketches in your own style and do the ones that my friend didn't do, your choice.
For those of you who are still interested, I have to be able to trust you. If I was light-hearted about this, my post would be a lot shorter. I have to be able to trust you because along with the details of a character's appearacne I give some backstory for that character. This is to help give a better image of how the character is and hopefully make the drawing process a little easier.

I imagine by now some people are thinking to themselves "Why bother?"
Well, its because I want to have something to show for it. I can explain that better to the people who are interested.

IF ANYONE is still interested, leave a post or PM me.
But if nobody is up for this challege, fine. I'll simply move on with my life. I will continue to shape this story of mine with or without illustrations. I just thought it would be nice have character images to show for this.

If anyone needs clarification on something, or if I neglected to state something, let me know and I will hopefully correct myself. Keep in mind that there are some details I haven't included due to privacy issues and that more information can be given if a PM is sent.

Up for the challenge?

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Allow me to explain. In the art forum, we have a set of rules that is fairly strictly upheld. Chief among these (and most often violated) is that to start a thread you must include a piece of your own original art.
However, in your case I don't believe that's what you're there for. But you are in luck. If you'll do a search for 'art request thread' I'm sure that more people will be willing to consider your request, and that you won't get in trouble for posting there.
And just a bit of advice... Remove the attitude from your post... It'll get more a more positive response from artists.
Hope you get what you're looking for. And make sure to read the forum rules - <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/rules_art">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/rules_a rt</a>

Oh! I am sorry.

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1137635">http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 137635</a> the request thread! A link for convenience

I didn't mean to have an attitude. Guess I should have read a little closer.

Ah; I apologize. I should have looked at the request thread's requirements before recommending it. Since you aren't offering money, you probably shouldn't post there. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Oh... Uh...

I understand that your animator is gone, but why don't YOU take his place. I know your the story writer and all, but i'm pretty sure you can draw out the characters yourself.

I can't really draw.

I seriously wish I could help you out. All I can say is good luck finding someone.

yeah... Course, even if I don't find someone its not the end of the world for me.

Hey, I just PM'ed you, and I was wondering, What kind of character are you looking for, exactly?