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A change of plans. My animator left.

Posted by MegamanMegafan - September 30th, 2009

Well, its not like anyone reads this, but I decided to do it anyway. Probably to get rid of the huge block of text currently on my page.
I last did this in december, so its been a while.

The flash me and shadowii2 were planning to do isn't going to happen. I had a feeling. I noticed he doesn't have any free time anymore so it seemed like he would never get it done. But that's ok. The purpose of that flash was to get people intersted in the story that I have. Offering inside information on the characters personality and their history. I was hoping to get some moral support from others so that I would end up having a better self-esteem and more motivation for writing the novel, which is what I am doing. I've never written a novel before and so anyone can tell you that if they have ever tried it that it is not easy.

To all the voice actors that recorded the lines for the flash, I appologize. Kirbopher, rina-chan, Tomamoto, Sonicmega, Psyguy, biggiek7888... Sorry, it looks like I wont be able to get to use your voices. You have been so nice to lend me your voice on a project that didn't follow through. But without an animator to make the images, I can't use the recordings.

As for college...
I had a falling out with my set goal. It looks like my major is going to be english and not software programming. Since no one is really going to read this, I wont go into detail.

If someone does happen to read this... Leave a comment I suppose.
I'm off to work on chapter 16.

Comments (2)

why i was waiting on it :(:(:( ti woukl be aawesome movie that win he daily first weekly first anddddrview crew pick awards:( i wish i can help but yeah i'm s noob with flash i practise firts before i put it on ng bu really to bad:( :( :( :( i just can't believe its really to bad it would be cool but yeah that suck man maybe you must ask some one else (please)

Wow, I'm surprised to see that someone out there actually cares. I've been so used to the feeling of being unrecognized that I just accepted it.
Even though the flash doesn't look like it will get made, at least me and shadowii2 can get this image done.
It would be nice if someone else could animate for me, but I don't think it is important enough to go through the trouble of finding someone to do it.

Glad to see someone out there finds it interesting, even if they call themselves a noob.
If you want, message me and I might show you some written works I have.

crud, that stinks man. i hope you have better luck with other projects. im a flash creater, but i dont actualy post on ng, and i would help, but it sounds like you have your hands full with that novel. best of wishes on new projects, but until then ):):):):):):):

well, thats ok.
I haven't completely abandoned the idea of submiting something more. Once I get things straightend out in my life I can put more effort into this project.
Until then I am going to improve on my writing skills,