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That was really good!

I hope you make more flashes that are as good as this.
To bad I can't understand what she is saying.


Probably better than your Metal Gear Cheater.
I also like your new opening for Shadowii2 productions.
The only thing I could spot that I had a problem with was maybe some of the voice actors at some parts.
Aterga101 and Julian Von Karma could have been better at some parts.
As for Kanden, I think you could have found a better voice actor for him. Not that Hoodhustla did a bad job, I just think you could have found a better voice actor for that character. Hoodhustla's voice just doesn't seem to fit.
Other than that I thought it was very well done in terms of writting and animation.
The only little tiny problem I had with animation was the way Zero Suit Samus was drawn. You could have redrawn her and smoothed out some of the lines in her arms for example. Her left arm looked a little... odd.
For some reason I didn't find it to be as funny as it should be. That may just be a problem with me :P
Nevertheless, I loved it. I did find it to be THE most entertaining of all your flashes. I give this flash the award for most entertaining of all your flashes.
Congradulations on making the flash.
I give you 10/10

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, "ZS-Samus" disapoints me too, but it was because of this weird flash crash that kept happening when I tried to draw her more properly, didn't know what was it about at all.

And also that as you are older in taste of humor I suppose, you get the jokes differently unlike how someone else would, so it depends on the viewer.

Thanks there for the review man.


I thought it was very well written.
I couldn't help but laugh when the metal gear fell over.

Shadowii2 responds:

haha, thanks there man.
Nice you enjoyed it!


Wow, never thought I would find myself writing a review for a LL flash, let alone most other great flashes. You did an outstanding job, I don't care if it was a lock flash or not, it was still good.
You also get a plus for the Pheonix Wright reference and the credits song. I love pretty much anything CAPCOM related. However, I wish you didn't ask for the 5, that just shows you don't have confidence in your flash.
BTW, where did you find that metal version of MegaMan 2? The one I think you said was Steel Dragon or something.

MasterLock responds:

I stumbled upon it randomly in a collection of random songs I downloaded it and fell in love with it. I just sent it to you via PM.

Go Capcom!

And then Megaman Died.

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