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This is why I love you.

Your music does something to me that no other musical artist can do... Well, except Beethoven.
You have developed your own unique sound as an artist and it really is reaching the point in which I could hear a song by you, not knowing it was you, and be able to identify it as a piece FROM you.
Keep it up my good sir.

Not normally my type of Classical

Usually I don't like classical pieces that use only piano, but this is still a good song. Normally I enjoy full orchestral pieces with strings, winds, brass, percussion... plus piano. Not really piano songs by themselves. Although, I do recall finding two of these piano only songs on newgrounds that piqued my interest.
Even so, it is still a well composed piece and you deserve credit for it.
Well done.

Drawoh responds:

Thank you :)

Needs a lot of work

Too short.
Too repetative.
Too simple.
I'm sorry, but it isn't all that great. Try asking some of the veteran auido artists for some tips.

madfurycoin responds:

thanks for the review
well i know what your talking about when you state all 3 problems about my song but then again this is only a demo not to say im trying to ask you to go easy on me. ill see if i can fix them and ill gladly get advice from as much people about this as i can.

My review.

Well, you told me to give you a review because you said you wanted my feedback, so I will give it to you.

-First of all, the first 30 seconds are great to me. I don't see why you should change it.
-I still stand by what I said the first time I heard this. I think you should replace the organ with some other instrument. You can keep the notes that it plays, but it just doesn't seem like the right instrument. I can understand what kind of thing you are trying to do, but somehow the organ doesn't quite seem to do it.

- the intro (0:00-1:18) lasts about 15 to 20 seconds too long.
- Between 1:18 and 1:30, I think you should cut the length in half, that or add something in at the middle.
- At 1:30 you need to add another instrument. A thought just occured to me... I wonder what it would sound like if you used a cabasa there. If you do try to test it out, either introduce it at 1:30 or at 1:42
- At 1:54, I think I like this part. Whatever it is about that moment... maybe there should be more of it.
- At 2:30, I think you should try adding another rhythem instrument in the background... maybe a soft snare?
- Don't have much to say about the laughing at the end.

My opinion, I think you should come out with at least two new versions of this song. One with some modifications, and then the last one being the final version. But I think it needs some work.

P.S. Also, you should go back and work on that unfinished song of yours.

AudioVision responds:

Hahahaha alriiightttt ill go back to the unfinished song :)
I just need to find time to do all this. I never seem to find any.
Thanks for the constructivness!

Going against what the others say.

While I see that other reviews are saying this is finished, I have to say, I don't think the same way.
If left as is, I would actually give something like this a 7 out of 10.
BUT! I really feel there is a lot of potential here, so I give it a 9/10 now.
I would really like to see some changes take place, and hopefully I can give you some helpful tips. I want to be able to save this to my computer and listen to it when its done.

I have several tips to give you and hopefully they help.
- First let me say, this song is going to have to be longer by at least 30 more seconds. It seems to end prematurely. But that's not something you just fix so easily, so take it one step at a time and then see where you are at.
- Make the chords in the beginning start out louder and clearer, and then maybe work it down to the tone that it is now. I feel the chords should be more distinct, and that is why I say make it clearer. Just like when you find yourself having trouble saying a certain word, you articulate what you say so that it comes of clearer. If that makes sense.
- Between 0:22 and 0:41-ish I suggest doing something about the long notes in the strings. It goes like: 1-2-345 1-2-345--6 and such and so on. The 1-2-34 are (or should be) the short notes and the 5--6 are the long notes. Drag out the long notes a little more, and if it sounds right to you, maybe make them oscillate a bit (your choice).
- And about the snare drum. I think it may just be my imagination... But I think it needs to sound sharper...
- You need to do something about the brass that enters at 0:44.
- At 0:45 I start hearing some kind of metronome or something that goes off every second. That needs to go away all together. It is so annoying and so distracting that I can't give you any advice between 0:45 and 1:01
- From 1:18 to the end, there is something odd about the brass. Not sure what it is, but it should be fixed.
- Once you have made fixes to what is already there, maybe you could see about extending it. Think about doing something a little more. Its up to you.

So yes, this is unfinished, but I believe you can make it better. Hopefully some of my advice helps. Maybe not all of it. But yeah... work on it.

AudioVision responds:

Yea I basically had problems with all the same things you did. My program for music making also vexes me some times.

The most powerful song in the classical section.

Look, I've listened to a lot of music in the classical section (as well as the Heavy metal section) of the audio portal, and I have to say, there isn't another song out there quite like this one. This is the most powerfully moving song I have found to date.
The fact that I am even writing this review is showing you that this music stands out as part of the extraordinary. An achievement of high honor (from me at least). I only spend my time to review the best of the best music that I find. Even when I find a good song, I don't necessarily write a review for it.
Back when I first found this song 3 or 4 months ago, I think I listened to it 6 times in a row because of how moving I found it to be. So now I think it is about time I did some analysis.

Yes, it is slow in the beginning, but that is part of what makes this a masterpiece (at least to me anyway). The musical instruments work so well with one another that it creates a somewhat storylike outline. The slow part in the beginning is the exposition.
When it gets to around 1:03 the exposition (or introduction to musical elements) ends as the rising action begins with the instruments being put to use for tension building. With the instruments working together to display that sense of tension or conflict, you set the stage for the dramatic action.
Then it hits the mark around 1:53 and the dramatic action takes place. The first motion of what I have refered to as the power movement. There is a mixture of both tension and release it seems, but the release isn't as large as it is near the end. So the tension doesn't fall apart, but instead increases.
At 2:28 the tension stops building rapidly and starts building gradually again, just like the beginning of the rising action part. Its different from the first time because it is also giving some time to reflect on the dramatic action that just occured. There is more stored tension than there was the first time.
At 3:44 the tension becomes dramatic action again. The instruments shift around (working together) to form what will eventually become the peak moment in the piece. The tension is greater this time around, so there is much more dramatic action. It is, afterall, the peaking moment.
The peak moment of the piece actually isn't all that clear to me because it seems as though it blends together with the falling action (what comes after the peak). It blends together because the instruments are working in such a way that there seem to be two opposing instrument elements in the music. Some are being used to make the tension become the final dramatic action (peaking) while the other part is fulfilling a role of resolution for the end. It actually has me question whether or not the tension dispurses completely at the end, or if it keeps it an unconcluded story. Perhaps it is there and I just can't detect it. It is kind of intriguing.

There is also one other thing I haven't been able to detect. You will have to answer it for me. What is the underlying theme you were aiming for when you made this masterpiece? It seems like something I should be able to pick up on, but I just can't seem to fit it. Perhaps it is that blend of tension and release that has me failing to find it.
You title the song "The world below ours" yet for some reason I can't see how that fits. Maybe it is just meant for the artist to understand.

Keep in mind, also, that everything here is my opinion. What I feel towards this song is not the same as someone else.

So... I'm not just giving you a review here, I am also bestowing upon you an award from me. I hope that I have been more insightful than I have been puzzling. This song should be placed in the hallmarks of newgrounds... in my opinion.

AudioVision responds:

Hey Mega, to address your two questions;
First, I deffinatly understand your confusion about the theme. When I was MAKING the thing, I didn't really know either. So heres a list of themes that went through my head when I made it; longing for the surface world, laboring endlessly, rushing through the underworld.

It's called "The World Below Ours" because the story I made in my head for it was that there was an underground world, with these humanoid creatures. They use the heat of lava and the minerals around them to build tools and cave systems. But they work all day, in the hot lava. There is one of them who longs for a different life, who wants to escape to the surface, but it seems as though everyone else is content in this underworld. Eventually, he loses hope, and fades into the workers, never to pursue his dream... HOW SAD :(

Once again, you have impressed me.

If you remember me as a reviewer, you know that I will really only write up a review if I REALLY like a song. So much so that I have to say something about it to the author. Basically if the song moves me in some way I have to show it.
Songs that I hear and like I will favorite. But you are the only artist that has managed to snatch my interest and keep it, if you understand that.

This time around I have to say... I want to write vocals for this piece of yours.
Now listen, I haven't had any experience writing vocals for a song, but I do have experience as a creative writer. I've written short stories, poems, and am trying to write a novel. I'm currently enrolled in a creative writing english class to improve my skills.
I've listened to your "Grave" song with vocals and so I know what is capable of you as a singer. (Grave is a magnificent song as well) If you would like to consider this idea of collaboration you can PM me.
You are probably the most creative metal artist on newgrounds. The only other author that I think comes close in terms of CREATIVE metal music talent is Lashmush, but that is a creative nature of a differnt kind.

Kor-Rune responds:

I'm glad you like this piece! It makes me very happy to hear.

I think I may take your offer on the vocals thing! That would be very interesting on this song! Of course, lyrics are hard to fit in vocal melodies occasionally, so somethings may be moved around and such, but I'll PM you and we can give this a try!

Again, glad you like my music, I highly appreciate it. :3

I love this song...

I really only write reviews for songs that I find to be so rare and unique and so awesome that I just HAVE to write a review for it. Because it is one thing for me to listen to a song and like it. Its another thing for me to listen to a song, and like it so much that it is affects my thinking/attitude/feelings/etc.
I check a lot of audio on newgrounds, and while a lot of it is good, it is rare for me to find a piece of music so awesom musically that I need to say someting.
So you, the artist, by getting this review, you get my medal of supreme awesome song. Now on to the actual review.

I love this song. Personally, I think this song is way, way better if you listen to it in the middle of the night. This song makes my imagination take flight. Like a journey though the starry sky... Its hard to express this in words. I would recommend this song a thousand times over to others.

Kor-Rune responds:

What a lovely review!

I'm really glad you like it, but I didn't think it was so special. Thanks again for the review, man.

Crazy Good!

And I do mean crazy! This is one of the most interesting pieces on Newgrounds I have heard. Not to mention it seems very original as well as somewhat... epic.
But yeah, seems very original and deserves to be near the top of the list.

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks man! I kinda consider it one of my more creative pieces. Usually I'll have a few stock riffs and chord progressions and keep returning to them, but it felt unnecessary here.

Thanks again for the review!

Very awesome song

I want more songs like this. A combo of heavy rockin' and a sort of suttle rock.
There is only one small problem I have with it. It seems to me that it runs on a little longer than it should. Could have maybe been shorter by about 40 seconds or so.
Other than that I thought it was pure awesome. I wonder what the song would be like with lyrics?
A lot of the song seems like it would work for a cinematic opening or something.
I hope I can hear more songs like this from you in the future.

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